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Gall Bladder Cleansing Time – or what you should not do to your body even though you are very very determined to do it.

July 15, 2012

Okay so I’ve been feeling off for three weeks, no energy, my liver has been feeling bloated and I’ve had a few bouts of vomiting. So I thought “hey let’s cleanse the gall bladder, that might make a difference”… yeah good words those. I probably should have chosen my words a little wiser, but there were tonnes of websites that sing the praise of Gall Bladder Cleansing…

Um let me say from the start that I had some knowledge of the working of the human body, and would be the first to say ‘perhaps these techniques aren’t exactly the most effective ways to improve your health. But I thought ‘why not give it a go, at least I can say I tried’… yeah, about that.

First of all you are supposed to fast for at least a day drinking only apple juice and water. Unfortunately apple juice curdles my stomach, so I can drink the required litres of juice a day to make this ‘work’… I did however ingest the 125mls Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed with 125ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

And I kept it down… well, most of it anyway. Lying on my right side in bed kept it in.

About three hours later I had to get up and that’s when the Gall Bladder Cleanse Monster struck. My toilet isn’t happy. Not one bit. My husband was trying to decide whether to burst into laughter at the state of me or to go out in sympathy with me holding onto the toilet seat (which needs a bit of domestos by the way). I on the other hand just kept telling myself that somehow, someway this was cleansing my body — Yeah right.

I managed to stagger back to bed after brushing the remnants off my teeth and trying to gargle salt water to fix my throat. Needless to say the night wasn’t pleasant at all.

And then this morning, a full seven hours after the start of the cleanse my body decided to help me out with a bit of colon cleansing.

There’s no right way to say this. Gall Bladder Cleansing doesn’t do wonders for your body, it only makes your intestines ANGRY. I have angry intestines peoples, and again my toilet was not happy. Luckily I’ve found the domestos (toilet cleaner) this morning, otherwise the whole family would have to face the consequences of me swallowing a cup of liquified colon cleanser.

So I think I can safely say this myth is busted everyone. Gall Bladder Cleansing is a crock of what came out today. Apparently gall stones are quite hard and they sink in water. The things the proponents of Gall cleansing state are gall stones floating on water is in fact the oil you swallowed saponified via bile. They are bilious floating pieces of oil.

Word to the wise. Don’t cleanse your gall bladder with this method. Eat good foods that are high in fibre instead, it’s a whole lot easier on your system in the morning.

Trust me.

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