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Too Much Sugar

June 24, 2012

It’s the end of semester, I have a thousand and one things to do including marking exams/assignments from 5 classes, around 100 students work. And some of  it is awful. I’ve spent ten weeks this term teaching these kids about science and trying to get them enthused about schoolwork etc, and then I mark their exams! I was up late and had too much sugar (note to self: comfort eating and marking are never a good thing). The answers to questions were atrocious, it’s like they hadn’t heard a word I’d said and just made up stuff on the fly.

And so I comforted myself some more with 80% chocolate (that stuff is the shizzam), pizza and meat pies. But then my body rebelled. After two weeks of comfort eating my body has said enough! The irritable bowel syndrome returns with full force and I’m wrecked.

So back to clean eating it is. Besides I now have two weeks of holidays to get back on the bandwagon and get myself right again.

In another note, Finn and Greg over at ModernPaleoWarfare have had a rough trot lately. Head on over to find out more. Those guys usually post some amazing recipes and haven’t for a while, I’ve missed them, now I know what happened.

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