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Our Paleo Year

May 10, 2012

It has been a whole year since we started this Paleo journey. A whole year of trying (sometimes failing) to get our family grain and dairy free.

There have been many ups and downs. Times when I have thrown my hands in the air and stomped away from the kitchen table (mostly when the kids turn up their noses at perfectly good food), and other times when everything has clicked in and worked wonders.

Was it worth it?

A whole year trying to be grain/dairy free?

Expensive, yes. Sometimes quite expensive, however when you look at the benefits I think it sort of evens out.

We went without illness for a long time. Went through an entire winter without snotty noses and wintry coughs. Didn’t have to rely on cough medicines/tissues/cough drops etc. Instead we were healthy and happy.

We also had very little in the way of tantrums, which to me is a miracle.

I dropped two dress sizes and now can deadlift nearly my body weight. I can run and not be weary. It’s a blessing (believe me).

Hubby’s off his medication, the kids are happier, and things are progressing well.

And so in the midst of all this wonderment hubby decides to try an experiment. He gave the kids normal pancakes made with self raising flour and normal biscuits.

The results were disasterous, especially for Twinling1 (aged 5). At school today things were less than spectacular. He ended up very embarrassed and needing help. My poor little Preppy’s belly took a turn for the worse.

So his experiment has been classified as a failure, and I have stood my ground and told him we return to normal paleo as of right now.

A year on I thought perhaps it would get easier, especially when it comes to getting the kids to eat veges. I can tell you that it’s not. We still fight them to eat good food, but it’s worth it.

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