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A Hectic Start

February 5, 2012

We’ve been run off our feet literally trying to get the whole family organised for school and work. I’m up at 5am to go to a 6am Crossfit class, then home by 7am to get the family ready for school at 8am, then finish work after 3pm and race to get the littlies from school at 3.10pm, to come home, get homework done, do laundry, clean the house, get dinner ready, to bedtime at 8pm. Which is when I should have some time with hubby but it always ends up with me falling asleep faster than you can blink… and then start the next day with the same routine.

I’m hoping that after a few weeks of this it’ll get easier? Here’s to hoping.

On a brighter note I dead lifted a PB the other day, 65kgs. I had struggled to get there, but there it was. Next time I’ll try for 75kgs… see how I go. I know it might not sound like much to some but after all the injuries and surgeries etc, it’s a good start.

The kids are having a few adjustment trials to their new school. The twins are in separate classes and that’s causing some anxiety in my son, but he’s a trooper and will get through it. Their diet is still Paleo although we did have a cheat night the other night and gave them some thin and crispy pizza. I could have made one with cauliflower base and no cheese but we thought what the heck let’s give them some. It didn’t turn out as badly as we expected, but it’s a once off. Next time I’ll be prepared and have the Paleo version ready for the hungry hordes.

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