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January 21, 2012

Okay so here’s me on my birthday (in black) doing “Carse”, I’m trying to count here, I kept losing my count during the workout so I think I added a few on for good measure.

The kids start school on Monday, I’m back at work, and the whole family is back into the swing of life as normal. We’re trying to get school lunches organised the night before so we don’t have big issues in the mornings. Unfortunately the kids school doesn’t allow nuts, so all the recipes I have that call for almond meal can’t be used. Instead we have to fall back on rice flour pancakes and rice cakes etc, etc. Trying to create a variety of food stuffs that they can and will eat is a painful experience, but we will keep trying. I know that boiled eggs don’t go down well with Mr4, and Miss 4 doesn’t like pancakes as such – she prefers to lick the topping off them and chuck the pancake away. I’m also trying to get them away from the sulphites in dried fruits, and am drying my own (and making fruit leather which they don’t really like so far, but I’m working on cutting the leather into shapes that might spark their interest).

I figure one day everything will run smoothly, my bank balance will be in surplus and pigs will fly. Until that day I’ll keep plugging away at the school lunches.

If anyone has any ideas of gluten free/casein free foods for fussy eaters I can use please let me know.

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