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Day 4 Crossfit/Eating Lean = 2kgs gone

January 12, 2012

Yep, you read right. Day 4 of eating pure Paleo and throwing myself into lifting heavy things and 2kgs has melted off my body. Skeptics are probably mumbling that it’s fluid loss, perhaps it is, but I feel better, my muslces are sore, but I feel better.

Today we did 5 rounds of 3 deadlifts. Before an op last year I was deadlifting 80kgs no probs. Today I could get to 60kgs and then had to scale down. If you don’t use it you lose it. My ultimate goal is to deadlift twice my body weight 140kgs. Righto, let’s see how I go over the next few months.

We’ve finally gotten all the gluten issues out of our kids from the Christmas holidays. We’re back to eating Paleo and the kids have stopped the tantrums. It’s amazing to me how even a small amount of the stuff affects them. Even me, when I ate that slice of pizza over Christmas I felt terrible about 30 minutes later, go figure.

Here’s a great video


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