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4kgs? What? The Day The Elephant Attached Itself to My Butt

January 3, 2012

After two weeks of holidays being away from the house, and yes indulging just a little bit I came home to the horror of 4kgs added to my bodyweight.





4 kgs?  No way. There is no way that a person can put on 4kgs in 2 weeks. Do the math. To do that it would require me sitting there inhaling refined sugars constantly. I am in shock.

I was getting towards my goal, had been working hard all year. And now this?

But we were active during the holiday. We were walking everywhere. I only had pizza once the whole time. I didn’t eat bread. I did have the occasional Ginger Beer, and the chips, oh and a sausage roll or two. But hey 4kgs? No flappin’ducks way.

Well I put it on, I can get it off.

And as a bonus someone in Rocky is offering Crossfit. They’ve just opened up apparently, I can’t  see if they’re affiliated or not, but hey I’m going there for the first session. If anything can pry the elephant off my arse it’d be Crossfit.

You want to shed fat? Lift Heavy Things. Cardio won’t do it for you, lifting will. And unless you’re on steriods it won’t make you bulk up like Arnold. Just saying.

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