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Paleo Paradise

December 13, 2011

I took the family with me to North Keppel Island last weekend. It’s a protected island which has an education centre that local schools visit for workshops on marine and environmental science. Through work I was priviliedged enough to be allowed to take my whole family over there while I did professional development. The kids loved it. They explored the island, saw goannas, swam, learned to paddle a kayak (even though the eldest ended up having to be rescued), and generally were so tired by 7.30pm that they all fell asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. There was no excess lighting, in fact it was almost pitch black where we slept. The kids slept through the night without any hint of night terrors. The food was divine, and we did manage to stay somewhat Paleo (although the kids hogged into the toast and vegemite). We didn’t have computers, phones, tv, etc. clogging up our lives, it was great. We’ve decided to go camping more often. Here’s some photos of our adventure.

Mr 7 walking on the beach at low tide.








The view from the beach, note there are no footprints, we were one of 20 people on the island that weekend. Lovely, felt like Robinson Crusoe a little bit.



The view from our balcony, it was maybe 20 metres from the beach. The sounds of waves breaking at night was wonderful. Both hubby and i didn’t want to come home.




We couldn’t keep the kids out of the water. Miss4 disappeared from lunch and as I sprinted down to the beach¬† I found her completely starkers swimming by herself in the waves. She was having a great time. I, on the other hand, grew more grey hairs, the girl has no fear.



We also took our children hiking over the island. This is the lookout over looking Maisie Bay. It was a good 3km hike to this spot up a small mountain, but soo worth it. Oh and one good thing was that the kids were tired when they reached the top. My children normally have boundless energy, which leads to not wanting to go to sleep at night. However after this trip they were ready to hit the pillow hard.




Here’s us walking to Maisie Bay. The water was so blue, and just off the shore there is an amazing coral reef which hasn’t been touched by coral bleaching like on Great Keppel Island.



This weekend recharged my batteries. I’m thinking it should be a regular thing. Paleo Paradise.

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