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And then I tried to ride a horse.

November 26, 2011

My year 10 students had their ‘semi-formal’ dinner dance the other night. I dragged my own child who attends another school along with me to gawk at the girls dresses (as you do). As I was walking into the venue I received weird looks, then two of the teachers who work with me–have seen me regularly for 11 years–smiled politely and told me to go on up stairs my child will be there. I said thanks but I have my child with me, and then the penny dropped.

The ladies finally recognised me.

I don’t get to dress up at work, mostly I’m shovelling manure, blowing up labs, or just running around without makeup on and in Dunlop Volleys and jeans. I can’t remember when I wore a dress to work so that’s saying something. The ladies told me I looked fabulous and then we went upstairs. I started getting more worried looks from my students until one of them had the courage to come up and ask if it was me. My daughter couldn’t stop giggling at the situation (she’s seen me dressed up before, it’s nothing out of the ordinary for her).

So what do I take away from this scenario? Sometimes it’s nice to dress up? Maybe I should wear a dress every now and again at work so people will recognise me when I dress up for special occasions? Perhaps makeup might come in handy some days instead of suncreen? We’ll see.

Big News this week, wait for it, wait for it!   I hit 70 kgs (154 lbs) (well not actually hit, my scales decided to do me a favour and let me know that they were finally on my side).

I was 109kgs (240lbs).

That’s 39kgs (86 lbs) gone!

Thank you Paleo.

I had three women at work come up separately to me on Friday and ask me what I’m doing to lose the weight. When I explained Paleo to them they were interested and one declared that it was how her mum used to feed them as kids. I don’t know if anyone will try to make the lifestyle change but at least it’s getting tongues wagging. I was feeling very happy that people were noticing the changes in my shape/health.

And then I tried to ride a horse.

We have a farm at our school, including horses. And well, the kids were through with the lesson so I decided I’d get on. Um… have I ever mentioned that I’m scared of horses (having fallen off one several times as a kid and been bitten on the butt by a possessed Shetland Pony)? Well yeah. So I put my foot in the near stirrup and then the horse starts trotting away with me trying to get up … I am glad no one had camera phones out for that one. I did get on, on the run, and then had to adjust the stirrup and all that while Frisco was happily trotting around the ring. Fun and games. Mark Sisson mentions frequently that we should get out of our comfort zone and try new things. Well this Christmas Hols I’m going to learn how to ride that beast without looking like an idiot and making sure that if he trots/canters I don’t fall on my butt in front of everyone.  My pride is at stake.

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