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Gluten Free Pizza Anyone?

November 5, 2011

My teenage daughter came home from a sleepover raving about this gluten free pizza she had. It was more than delicious and even ‘healthy’ too. Now it’s hard for teens sometimes adjusting to a world of healthy food, especially when they are not the ‘norm’. Kids don’t want to be seen as crazy or out-there when it comes to food types, so I was happy that she’d found a compromise all on her own.

Unfortunately after I looked in on the ‘gluten-free’ pizza I discovered that yes the base was made with gluten free flour, but unfortunately it was made on the same surfaces as the other pizzas. And used the normal flour as the rolling agent. And the toppings all contained gluten (the sauces and most of the salami’s/pepperonis, etc.). The thing was loaded with gluten, just not the actual base. I wondered how they could get away with saying ‘gluten-free’ when the stuff was packed full of it.

And then I saw the little asterix beside the name and down the bottom of their fliers and even on their websites it states “toppings contain gluten”, great.

I wonder how many people actually look into these sorts of things. Someone with severe gluten intolerance would certainly know the difference once the stuff went through them.

I think we’ll just stick to using the cauliflower base for home-made pizzas in the future.

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  1. November 6, 2011 9:49 pm

    Haven’t got a box to go check, but we’ve been known to use the Orgran pizza mix – meant to be gluten and for me, dairy free. Actually, I think it may even be vegan. You have the option of adding yeast, salt or just water depending on your requirements. Cooks up quite well too. I use a rectangular biscuit tray (I think).

    Yes, I do read the details that much – I then decide in particular re the made on equipment with dairy/milk if I go ahead and purchase. Have a vague memory Orgran actually make their stuff without the cross-contamination issue in production…not sure though.

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