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Focusing on the Good – Paleo Parenting 101

October 25, 2011

Hubby and I are finishing Day 5 of our juice fastish thingymajiggy. We’re having lots of veges, a little bit of fruit all juiced up together for breakfast and lunch and then having a Paleo dinner. Feeling better about things. I wasn’t having enough veges before, so this is my compromise. I thought I’d be hungrier than this but it’s actually quite good to do. I’m enjoying trying new combinations of veges/fruit to create a taste sensation.

My sister is on Day 3 (the hardest day to get through) and is loving it as well. She’s worked hard to lose 33 kgs (69lbs) on her own, this is helping to keep her powering along and not plateauing out.

I went and saw the naturopath who is sort of treating my twins at the moment (when we can get to see him that is). Today I’d had the twins in being tested by speech therapists and I felt very deflated as all my hard work wasn’t showing through. The twins weren’t communicating with the therapists the way they do with their teachers etc. And so I went to ask the naturopath about EDTA and heavy metal poisoning (our towns water supply sometimes gets contaminated by mines hundreds of kilometres up river). He asked me why I’m focusing on the negative. I was a bit taken aback with his words. He restated that it seemed to him all I was doing is focusing on the negative with my children. That yes there are problems but I’m making them massive and dismissing all the amazing good things my kids can do.

My first thought was ‘you bastard how would you know what I’m thinking/doing?’ and then I stopped and yep. I am. I’m concentrating on what’s wrong with my children, instead of celebrating what’s right.

Argh! I hate it when someone does that to me. I told him so. I actually told him to shut up. I know I’m not doing the best right now. I want my kids to be better than perfect I guess. He’s right though. My kids are amazing. I’m just too medicalised in my approach to see it.

Focusing on the good, letting my kids be kids. Things will change, but they take time to change, kids take time to heal and grow. I just need to stop trying to push them into conforming with my sense of who they should be and let them be who they are.

I hate it when my naturopath is right.

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