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I am officially not a Paleo-Vampire!

October 15, 2011

Two weeks ago I did a stupid thing. I thought I’d cut my thumb while I was teaching my class and so I immediately sucked the blood off it to see the cut underneath. Unfortunately this was when a student yelled out “Miss I’m bleeding” and I realised I’d sucked her blood off my thumb – she’d handed me a hand tool to fix and that’s where I’d picked up the blood. So I had to go get bloods done and everything and wait for the results. And in the meantime I was totally stressing and feeling awful about how dumb I’d been.

Good news? I’m not a vampire. I didn’t turn sparkly even though my students have been making jokes about it for two weeks now. Even better news? My Doctor was praising me for how good I’m looking, he was stunned by the changes to my body shape (thank you Paleo). Even better news? My blood work came back. Absolutely no trace of anaemia, not a trace of cholesterol problems or a whiff blood sugar problems. My blood work came back better than perfect. A year ago my iron count was very very low, my cholesterol was high enough that Doc wanted to put me on meds to help fix it. And my sugar levels were borderline Type 2… I think this was the kick start to getting me to take my health seriously and my first inroads into Paleo lifestyle. I wasn’t really eating badly, I didn’t gorge on chocolate or ice cream or things like that. I just ate bread, pasta, rice, dairy, etc etc. But now that I’ve changed our diet, changed our way of viewing food? Things are great!

Happy little chappy here. It’s not that I wanted to sparkle in the sunlight, it’s just I prefer the healthy Paleo glow! Although it might have been cool to be the first Paleo-Vampire! I could have spread the word about raw jerky and cutting the wheat. Then again, maybe not.

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