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Early Birds

October 12, 2011

My 4 yr old son has a habit, a nasty, nasty habit of waking up at 5.30am every morning with a big smile on his face. He then proceeds to wake me at this time to express his undying devotion to me and also to ask if I’ll make him pancakes or get him a drink of water or help him play Thomas trains. I’m trying to teach him that 5.30am is still in my zombie zone, that if he insists on waking me up I’ll have no choice but to eat his brains as I search for my own to kick into gear. He just laughs at me and runs away, then comes back and continues his quest to get me out of bed.

We’re coming into summer so it’s no longer pitch black at this time of the morning, it’s actually quite pleasant, the sun hasn’t decided to fry everything in sight and there is much less traffic around. Now if I was super organised I’d get up and go running as soon as my personal alarm clock wakes me. Perhaps going to bed earlier at night would help the situation.

I was sent this link today about a smart 11 yr old and his discovery of what we could do with farming to improve the health system. I’m thinking this kid is an early riser too.

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