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Too Much Stevia…and other disasters in the kitchen

October 1, 2011

I made ice-cream this morning, my twins and I are home alone for the weekend. Hubby’s gone up to see his sister for the AFL grand-final and taken the older kids with him. So for a treat I made Paleo ice-cream, and instead of using honey I thought I’d use Stevia extract. The ice-cream came out of the mixer looking wonderful, I’d added berries to the mix and it looked just like you’d get at Baskins. And then I had a taste. Um, did you know that you can add too much stevia? Yeah stevia overload it’s called, when the woman thinks just a dash more will make it even better but instead it comes out so bad you have to flush it down the sink before the littlies see you with it. It was bitter and left a horrid aftertaste on my tongue, yuck.

Note to the wise: three dashes of stevia is too much, stick to honey.

This kitchen failure comes on top of my wonderful pancake batter blowout of earlier this morning. I used coconut oil instead of grapeseed oil in the recipe. Again, when you change things you have to be expected to get some flops. But not a whole batch. It seems that today I should stay right away from the kitchen and just live off carrot sticks, nut butter and apples. Funny thing is I dished this up to the kids instead of the ice-cream and pancakes I’d tried to make and they loved it. Kids are wonderful.

We’ve left cold winter days behind us, have already blown up the pool for the kids to swim of an afternoon after school, and I’m dusting off my vibrams to get back into training for a half. I’ll just put one foot in front of the other until I get there. Found this pic over at be careful when you click the link, it’s more than addictive, I’ve found so many amazing/inspiring pics… think I might have to go back and have another look. Just to be sure.

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