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Perils of Parenthood

September 25, 2011

Last night hubby and I were treated to the most wonderful spray of vomit I’ve ever seen one of my children create. It went all over me, all over the toilet walls, all over the floor, all over my little cherub who then looked up at me with big brown eyes and said “oh yuck”. Yes indeed, oh yuck. Into the shower we went at 1.30am as I started the clean up of the toilet and surrounds (eventually used Domestos and sanitised the heck out of our loo). And after another half hour we were back, again with the sanitation process. The culprit? A sushi roll a friend had brought over with them. How do I know this? I wore the sushi roll (sounds like a great t-shirt slogan).

Why am I sharing this? It makes me think how much of the food we bring into the house could cause dramatic situations like the one we had this morning.

I know my children love sushi, I used to make it all the time for them. I think I’m going to have to tweak the recipe somewhat and make it more Paleo. Perhaps using shredded lettuce instead of so much rice, load  up on veges in the roll and only have a portion of cooked tuna in the middle. Will let you know how I do with that one. Hopefully it won’t create Linda Blair scenes in our house (or I’ll definitely make that t-shirt).

The teens went on a camp with a group of girls and came home exhausted, happy, and with major break outs. The culprit? Lollies (candy), lots and lots of lollies, consumed with abandon. Oh and gluten laden sausages, buns, sugar laden soft drinks and cordials. The girls were in junk heaven… until they saw what happened to their skin. I didn’t say a word, it’s their time to work it out for themselves. But I will hold out the apple cider vinegar for them when they’re trying desperately to cleanse their skin so they can go out in public without having a huge Davros in the middle of their foreheads.

Over at Balanced Bites they’re giving away a years subscription to Paleo Magazine. All you have to do is comment.

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