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Cook Ups!

September 22, 2011

Something we haven’t done in a while is to do a big cook up (where you cook a whole bunch of foodstuffs up to freeze for the coming week). I’ve been searching for easy recipes that I can use to persuade my reluctant eaters that Paleo is good to eat.

Elana over at Elana’s Pantry always has amazing recipes that I can tweak to make more Paleo-friendly. Her Goji Berry Bars are going on my list of recipes to try this week. Although instead of using dark chocolate chips I’m going to use a mix of sultanas and chopped up prunes, I find that choc chips here in Oz are full of milk fats which we can’t have at the moment due to Casein levels. But it’ll be worth a try and I’m sure the kids will think they’re great no matter what.

I found the three of them hiding in the pantry this afternoon with big dessert spoons full of “Nut Butter”, they were a bit frightened when I caught them. But I figure if eating a spoonful of nut butter made from seasame seeds is the worst they’re into I’m okay with that.

We’re also going to be doing up some chocolate brownies using Almond Flour. I’ve decided that I can Paleofy the kids fav recipes and see how we go. If it’s a failure then the chickens will have plenty to munch on. Oh speaking of which we received our first ever egg from our chickens today. Hermoine gave us a small egg, her first ever, she was very proud, Mr6 sat there watching her lay the egg (I think she might have got stage fright for a while) which took forever, but he kept an eye on her, giving us progress reports every five minutes. When she finally laid the egg he was very proud of her, giving her a big cuddle and a thanks before he stole her egg and asked for it to be cooked up.

I’ve also discovered a great British Paleo blog, ModernPaleoWarfare, don’t mind the boys language the lads though do throw up some fantastic recipes that I think I’m going to have to try out.

Well Mr4 has just come in demanding that we go swimming at 6pm at night, what the hay! May as well enjoy myself while the sun’s still out.

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