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Time’s Flying By

September 8, 2011

Saw my doctor yesterday, he’s happy with the transformation my body’s undertaking right now. He congratulated me on the body fat loss and I stated that it’s all Paleo’s doing. He looked a little skeptical, but then my twins started talking and he was amazed. I again stated that Paleo’s had this effect on our whole family. My doctor was the one who had recommended us to a paediatrician to help with their speech delay, etc. He was more than happy at their progress in 4 short months.

He asked about Paleo and I stated it’s really a grain free, dairy free way of life that does wonders for your health and your outlook on life. He still looked a little skeptical, as if I was about to insist he take up dairy abstinence right then and there. I’ll keep working on him.

And it’s September already, we’ve only got one more term before Christmas/Summer holidays are here. I’m looking forward to time off from the stressoid world of teaching. Next week is what we call shut downs ( yrs 11 + 12 only come in for exams and then leave, so I have my junior classes for the week) and then we’re on Sept holidays, not doing anything spectacular but am thinking it’s time to hit the beach if only the antarctic winds that keep blowing up from down south will let up.

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