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Paleo Father’s Day

September 4, 2011

The shops were full of Father’s Day gift ideas, most heavily involved chocolate and gluten-laden carbohydrate treats at bargain prices. When did Father’s Day turn into junk food heaven day? How come I never got the memo on that one? Father’s Day to us as kids was full of manly tools, socks, jocks, fishing rods, and so forth. Nowadays it’s full of chocolate, sugary treats, and manscaping lotions/potions.

Instead of bending to the public displays I headed to the deli section of our local grocery store and stocked up on antipasto ingredients and presented him with an antipasto platter in bed (who needs pancakes when you can have Hungarian hot salami with chilli olives and caramelised onions?

(antipasto plate featured comes from:

And with Father’s Day it wouldn’t be complete without the side order of sloppy kisses from the kids and a lie in bed for perhaps 1/2 hour more than he usually gets.

Happy Father’s Day honey.

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