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What’s a good meal worth?

August 19, 2011

So first up we have Proscuitto wrapped chicken breast served on a bed of steamed veges (carrot/zucchini) with a light white reduction, sprinkled with parsley and thyme. That plate was HUGE by the way. I couldn’t get through all of this.

And then we have the garden salad that accompanied the chicken breast. Um can you say too delicious for words? The dressing was just a touch of balsamic and olive oil, not much but it was amazing. The waiter asked me at the end of this did I want any dessert. I was waddling out of the restaurant even without thinking of extra. Too delightful for words. Lygon Street restaurants really are worth going to, they’re not over priced and the meals are divine.

What is a good meal worth to you? Are you willing to pay top dollar to get the ‘best’ of everything or are you not so fussy? It’s not that hard to find good food at reasonable prices. In fact one of the best ways to get a great meal is to visit your local TAFE college or Hospitality Training Colleges, they usually offer meals cooked (under supervision) by trainee chef’s at a third of the price you’d pay in a restaurant. Unfortunately for us the local TAFE closed down their night time restaurant a few years ago. We used to go there every month when hubby and I were at university. It was a cheap delicious night out, and even though sometimes the service wasn’t the best (trainees, etc) the food was wonderful.



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