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Home From the Road Trip

August 16, 2011

It’s so good to be back in my own house with access to instant paleo meals. Although it wasn’t too hard to find good food in Melbourne, it was still a little bit of a pain trying to find snacks that were paleo-worthy. Hubby dutifully took photos of our meals each night. So I will be sharing some amazing things with you. I do like Melbourne’s restaurants etc, the cold.. I could pass on the cold.

While I was away attending a writers conference I thought about how great I was feeling, even in the freezing cold weather, I felt good. We managed to walk most places we needed to go, or we caught the tram and got off at the wrong spot then had to walk back a stop or two to our destination. Even though we were walking quite a long while it didn’t feel like that far. I think the tall buildings and not being able to see the horizon affected my sense of distance. Although the one day I wore my brand new boots and hubby decided he wanted us to have a nice long walk along the Melbourne riverbank had me wondering how many kms a day we were averaging. Mind you by the end of that walk my feet were ready to pack up and head for home. Who knew that heels were such killers? I don’t normally wear them -working on your feet all day as a teacher doesn’t allow for heels or fancy shoes at all- spend most of my days in my Dunlop Volleys chasing kids and cattle.

Tonight we took my Mother-in-Law out for dinner, it’s her birthday, she’s 24 all over again. We ordered 18hour slow roasted steak, yummy yummy, with steamed veges. From eating out a fair bit in the last week I’ve found that you can always find a Paleo meal in restaurants, you might have to make specific changes to some of your meals, but most times you’ll be able to tweak it to fit. And waiters/cooks will do that for you because they want your business. I’ve yet to have a chef/cook come out and tell me that they wouldn’t allow me to make changes.

And now after one of THOSE days at work I’m ready for a good nights sleep in my own bed. There’s something magical about my pillows, blankets and bed. I am totally at ease when I tuck myself in for the night. Ready for a full eight hours! Hopefully the kids will oblige.

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