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Paleo Success Stories

August 7, 2011

Yesterday my family and I sold hula hoops at a local market (a once a year type sale event), and I hooped for 10 hours, with toilet breaks in between. A while ago I would not have had the energy or the muscle strength/flexibility to do that. It was amazing. I wasn’t exhausted at the end of the day (although I did ‘catch the sun’ as my Scottish friends would say). Thank you Paleo.  I even managed to stay Paleo on site, the only foods you could get were laden with gluten and sugar, but hubby went and asked for a bun-free steak burger. Apparently the serving lady from Rotary just looked at him strangely and then served it up with extra lettuce! Thanks Rotary lady.  Miss15 went and snuck in a toasted sandwich and ate it in front of me. I told her that her body wouldn’t like it, but she kept on eating. Guess what? She should have listened to me. 10 mins later her stomach was upset, she was feeling poorly. I didn’t say “I told you so”, no, she came to me and said “I guess Paleo is a good thing?”… yes darling, listen to your mother, she knows best! So I got her up hooping in order to push it through faster. My sister came and did the markets with us and I overheard her telling friends about my remarkable transformation from fatty to hottie. (Thanks Leecie – for the hotness thought) She’s converting slowly to Paleo with her family. It’s a work in progress she says. I’ll be with her all the way.

Hubby got out hooping with me for a while and people stopped and stared. He told me it was because he’s Paleofied and hot right now. I had to agree with him, and also point out that his hooping is improving.

Our family is experiencing great things from keeping to the Paleo way of life. I’d also like to share a few other family/singles success stories with you, just for inspiration. First up are Matt and Stacey from Paleo Parents together they’ve lost 200 pounds so far (about 45kgs each). Great story. Love the fact that they include pictures of the before and after!

Julianne from Paleozonenutrition also has a great story (not so much of weight loss but more of auto-immune success).

Pepper from Paleo Pepper also has a tonne of stories she’s collected of peoples amazing journeys to health.

Try Paleo, just for 30 days, see how different your life can become. I’m dumb struck at times with our own changes here in my little family. There certainly have been miraculous things going on here, and maybe there’s not an angel hanging around our kitchen there certainly is a male hooping genius who looks totally hot right now cooking up steaks and steaming veges for dinner. Think I better go plant a kiss on him and deflate that ego a tad, he’s getting to hot for his own good!

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  1. August 7, 2011 8:09 am

    Thanks so much for the link love! Just to clarify (because I’m a super competitive woman), Stacy’s lost 134lbs and Matt’s lost 66lbs – I’m totally kicking his butt … Although he doesn’t have much more to lose 🙂

  2. Natalie Hatch permalink*
    August 7, 2011 1:00 pm

    No probs Stacy. I think it’s amazing you’re doing such a good job. And woohoo on kicking your hubby’s butt! Well done. I’m beating my hubby by 1kg so far!

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