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Steamed Chicken and Veges (and great graphic)

August 5, 2011

Last night we steamed chicken breasts and veges and sat down to a simple yet highly delicious meal as a family. We added some organic tomato relish as a side and the kids loved it. Even reluctant Mr4 ate some. Miss4 loves dipping veges in the relish. Mr 4 had a meltdown at the table, I think he took another kids gluten-laden food at daycare, he came home wired and ready to crack. We eventually got him settled down, but it did take a while.

I had intended on taking a photo of the meal and posting it up, but the meltdown took priority since it would turn nuclear pretty fast had I not intervened. The other day I caught Miss4 sneaking a biscuit with her best friend, and that night she was feral, it must have been Mr4s turn last night.

Speaking of meltdowns, I read in the paper that a Swedish man had plutonium, americium and uranium in his kitchen trying to split atoms as a hobby. My year 12 students wanted to know if this would actually happen, could you go nuclear on the stove top? Um, maybe, but the question is, who tries to create a nuclear reactor at home and what would you use it for? My students didn’t have the answer to that, neither do I? I remember reading about chemistry kits that you could buy in the early 20th Century that had samples of these types of radioactive materials in them. The chem sets you get today certainly aren’t as exciting.










On another note, has this graphic up and it’s an easier way to explain the Paleo movement/diet why we do it and what the benefits are.

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