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July 31, 2011

I enjoy teaching (there’s days though that I probably would prefer not to), I love finding out new things and sharing them with people. It’s who I am. Finding ways to get that “lightbulb” moment happening for teens is rewarding (amongst all the heartache and annoyances that teens throw your way). Getting adults to experience that “lightbulb” moment is harder still.

Why do Paleo? Why give up grains, dairy, sugar? I shared with a friend last night that if she takes 30 days out of her life and gets rid of those things, in 30 days she’ll change her whole way of feeling about herself. She’ll notice that her energy levels increase, her bloating and hormonal imbalances will even out, and her clothes will fit better.

How do I know this? Well we’ve been on Paleo for 10 weeks now. And it works. Hubby’s noticed it, I’m not so cranky at certain times of the month. I don’t get that pudgy tummy thing that I used to. I am happier (except when I’ve had a bad day at work) and the family is more settled. The kids sleep better at night. My eldest was saying that even she (the insomniac) has found she sleeps better at night and is getting more sleep now than she ever has. She still needs to get more sleep, but we’ll work on that.

I highly recommend Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution” and also Mark Sisson’s “The Primal Blueprint”. They’re great primers for you to start your journey. As I’m lying in bed listening to the kids chat with each other it’s amazing. They’re talking, laughing, having fun. This is what family life should sound like all the time.

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