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Hiding Your Veges In Plain Sight

July 22, 2011

It’s Secret Squirrel time here folks. Trying to get the kids to eat more veges without all the hoohaa and rigamarole is a hard, hard task. And though I threaten to feed them veges while they sleep, still I have no luck in getting them to down the “recommended” dosage of 5 veg a day. So how on earth am I going to be able to improve this outcome?

By sheer cunning. I am going to have to use my adult brain to come up with a way to foil 4year old’s sensitivities to texture and taste. Hahahahahaa and I think I’ve got the perfect way to do this. Hide it! Yep hide veges in plain sight.

I’m grating up cauliflower and carrot and hiding it in meatballs. I wonder how many things I can hide in their everyday food sources? I’m going to make a batch of gluten free/casein free pastry, might try and hide a few more veges in the sausage roll mix… will let you know how I go. Or I can do what my parents did and make me sit at the table and eat my veges before I was allowed to leave the table?  Didn’t work out too well for me. Might try sneaky first. It’s always good to be sneaky.

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