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Quickening of the Mind

July 14, 2011

Tonight as hubby was making his way back to us from the shops a likely young lad plowed straight up the back of him, looks like our car is written off. The thing that was interesting was that as hubby was waiting to turn the corner he saw the guy barreling towards him in the rear view mirror. He had the quickness of mind to realise the guy was not going to stop so he took his foot off the brake and straightened his wheels. The impact of the Mazda 121 (small little bug-like car) pushed our Kia Ceratto 15 metres forward, crushing the front end of the Mazda and crumpling up the back end of ours.

The police said had my hubby not taken his foot off the brake the guy behind wouldn’t be around anymore. He was doing a fairly good speed and hit hubby straight on. I’m just grateful for hubby having clear thoughts and knowing exactly what to do to make sure he made it out in one piece.

Hubby said when he hopped out of the car and went to see if the guy behind was alright the guy asked him if he was going to hit him. Hubby said he was just asking if the guy needed an ambulance.

Friends have said it’s never dull out our place. I’d swap it for a bit of boring for a while, but then again, we’re safe.


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