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Making Friends

July 11, 2011

Today as I picked up the kids from daycare I was surprised to see Miss4 happily playing with 2 other girls, she was talking (limited but still attempting to communicate) with the girls and laughing, having a great time. Her teacher told me that she’s really improving not only in speech but also in her abilities to understand what other kids are saying and learning the ‘social rules’ of fair play. 6 weeks ago she was evasive and withdrawn, happily content to play by herself or with her twin. Now she’s playing with other kids and engaging them in conversation. Mr4 has already overcome this hurdle a few weeks ago (he seems to be progressing faster than her) and has been helping the teachers build walls and towers with other boys.

Keeping them on the paleo wagon is hard at times, especially when they’re at daycare and the other kids have chips and cakes and sticks of cheese all at the same table as them. They both like different foodstuffs. Miss4 loves watermelon, pancakes, strawberries and muesli bars. Mr4 loves home made tortillas with savory spreads, strawberries, popcorn, and apples. It’s hard trying to think up things they can take to school that will be easy for them to eat (as in not a big meal, finger food type things). I stress most mornings as I’m getting them, their siblings, and myself ready for the day. I wish things were easier, I was going to spend my time during the holidays making finger foods to take for the next few weeks but honestly, it doesn’t always work out that way.

I made a loaf of bread this evening that over-rose its boundaries but turned out beautiful (I don’t eat it, the kids do though and they’ve actually taken to really liking this stuff). So I’m set for tomorrow for lunches for them. Watermelon, sandwich, popcorn, apples and some sultanas. I’m trying to sneak in a few carrot sticks and cucumber sticks as well, will see how they go with it.


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