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Paleo Diet is Working!

July 8, 2011

Went for a run last night, took a leisurely pace and just ran without getting winded. Felt my body sit into the zone, you know the one, where you can just keep running and you don’t even worry about your legs or body anymore you’re too busy watching the sunset and chatting to hubby to feel dead. I hit the zone last night early in the run and just cruised along. It was amazing. Usually on my pre-Paleo diet I would be huffing and puffing and feeling like cactus after not even one kilometre. Here I was 3.5k in and kicking it. Thanks Paleo, you’re working wonders.

Another good thing that’s occurring is my running gear is becoming looser. I swore last night I was looking like the SaggyBaggy Elephant. My tights and shirt which used to be skin tight were riding up and down in places that perhaps they shouldn’t have. Hubby suggested I spend some money and buy myself new gear. I told him I would wait until I’d changed a bit more before forking out more money. No one warns you that you’ll have to change your entire wardrobe a few times once things really kick into gear for you on Paleo.

This morning I had to go around and show my girlfriend my new belly. Last night as I was running I felt a bit off kilter. Couldn’t work out why my stride wasn’t feeling the same. My butt was jiggling (as it usually does) but my rhythm was off. I figured it out soon enough. My belly wasn’t jiggling, in fact there was hardly any movement at all. Usually my belly starts the jiggle then my bottom joins in and I have a syncopated rhythm going as I run, who needs an iPod when your butt and gut can beat out a rhythm that would get the samba band going? After about 500ms I had to let go of the old way of running and adjust to the new. It was great. Now I’ve just to work on the butt jiggle and I’ll be happy.

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