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And the band played on

July 3, 2011

A year ago I bought a little machine that peels and cores and cuts apples at the same time. I found it in the back of the cupboard and the kids eyes went wide. They love it. They’ve gone through a few apples this weekend. I know the novelty will wear off but the great thing is this morning Mr6 walked out of the kitchen munching on a carrot. Miss4 brought the “huge” water bottle to me because she couldn’t get it herself, in her other hand she had an apple peeled, cored and sliced. Her response to my prompting was that “apples are yummy”. Hey it’s a start. Miss4 has been coming out with a few amazing sayings lately, I’m feeling happy that we’re sticking to Paleo. Oh and this morning I looked in the mirror and I can see my abs. No seriously, I didn’t even have to suck my gut in. My fat rolls are melting away. As of tomorrow I’m upping the anty on my workouts, I have 40+ days til my Melbourne trip and hopefully a visit to a Crossfit box down there, I need to be a little bit fitter before they decimate me.


Last night hubby and I went to see Leo Sayer in concert. Love his music, the man is such a great song writer, and the performance was fantastic. He was warm and friendly with the audience, a bit disparaging of himself and his age (63), just a great concert. His band were spot on, and when he missed a cue they covered amazingly for him, we didn’t know until he stopped them and said, “Sorry guys, let’s start that one again shall we? Everyone sing along.” I had a great time singing along. I thoroughly enjoyed our night out together.



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