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School Holidays

June 25, 2011

Winter school holidays are a chance to catch your breath, look around and work out where and when life got so hectic. I’m still marking exams and getting report cards organised, but then I intend to take a well deserved time-out. My plans are thus:

  • make enough muesli bars to freeze up for a few weeks worth of lunches
  • make some home-made jerky and convince the kids it’s good to eat
  • make up my own ghee so that I’m not buying the expensive stuff from the shops
  • fit in a few crossfit workouts throughout the two weeks
  • take the kids to the park, beach, where ever, just get them out of the house and moving
  • finish plotting out a novel idea I have on the boiler (as well as wait to hear back from the previous one sent out)
  • and generally relax.

Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

Well life will probably get in the way and I’ll have to deal with the interruptions with a big smile.

My kids are doing so much better on Paleo than I ever thought possible. It’s tricky trying to adjust their diet so that they’ll eat what I give them, but we’re getting there slowly. They’ve yet to like beef  jerky (all the more for me), they tend to not like eggs as much as I had hoped, and veges are still the “last” thing on their plates at the end of dinner.



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