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Paleo Power

June 20, 2011

Yesterday my hubby and I finished cutting down the green ant infested trees in our backyard, then took 3 tonne of off cuts (branches, etc) to the dump. It took 3 loads but we eventually finished with a satisfied weary grin and lots of green ant bites in very sensitive areas (those buggers do get in!). The kids all helped and we used a hand saw as our little chain saw took one look at the pile to be cut and gave up the ghost.

I thought today my arms would be sore and sorry for themselves but I’ve pulled up remarkably well.

And then today I took time out to hula hoop. I find hooping makes me laugh and find joy in life. It’s a great way to relax the lower back and de-stress. You can’t hula hoop without having a giggle. One giggle leads to ten and you’re enjoying yourself while you stabilise your core. Here’s a little bit of inspiration for you. SaFire is a great hoop teacher from Canada, she’s taught me a few things. I took her online class to fix up a few of my ‘problems’ with hooping.

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