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A Little Less Superglue

June 17, 2011

Snot, nasal mucous, boogers, bogies, green oysters, pick and wins. Call it what you like but the green stuff that runs from kids noses during winter is atrocious. Sometimes I would wonder about my children’s abilities to create their own kind of superglue. And the stuff would run continuously out of their little noses the entire time. No amount of flu medicines, etc would fix the problem. Until now!

This winter, we’ve had ZERO days of nasal superglue. That’s right none at all. I think there should be a big factory sign over our house, we are bogie free. How the heck could this be happening? Where has all the snot gone?

The only thing I can think of is Paleo banishes snot monsters. They can’t stand all the healthy veges and non-refined foods. Wholesome goodness beats green oysters every time.

And I for one love it. Winter’s no longer a time of dread for me and the mountains of snotty tissues are gone. Good one Paleo, keep it up!

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