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Getting Kids to Eat Veges

June 12, 2011

It’s tough, it’s such a tough job. I’ve read quite a few blogs where the bloggers state that if kids are hungry enough they’ll eat veges. The softie that I am has been worried this whole time that my kids won’t get enough to eat. But today I put my foot down and they eat their veges or they get nothing else. Today Mr6 ate sweet potato without the usual complaining. Mr4 was having none of it, in fact he threw a little tanty at the table.

We’ve tried making funny faces with the veges, we’ve tried mashing, tried getting the kids to pick the veges they want for dinner. Still no great shouts of joy when the veges are brought to the table. I guess it’ll take a while.

Miss15 is staying over my sisters house, her parting shot at her older sister was “I’m going to go eat bread! Hahhahaaa and you’re not!”. Apparently the teens are finding life without bread or milk or weetbix a bit hard. I let my sister know of the parting shot and she’s decided to tell Miss15 that her family is starting Paleo too so there’ll be no bread to eat (yes we share the same sense of humour).

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  1. Dalyce permalink
    June 14, 2011 1:30 pm

    buahahahahaha.. i’m evil

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