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To Vaccinate or Not, that is it question.

June 10, 2011

In Australia vaccinations are mostly free, especially the children’s round of MMRs and the rest. If you wish your child to attend school or daycare it is almost mandatory for your child to have completed their vaccination routine. If you as a couple want to get the Child Care Rebate you must provide documentation that your children have had their required dosages. Which leads me to wonder, what happens to those who choose not to vaccinate?

Now I understand the reasoning behind vaccinations. I, myself, had the measles three times as a child, even after having the injections. Long story short the twins had their 4yr old needles, now Twin1 has a swollen arm and a bit of an attitude (can’t say I blame him). We had to use a clinic that bulk bills as our own GP’s nurse was not available for a few weeks. I can only say I won’t be going back to that clinic in a hurry.

Twin2 wore her paleo pancakes on her head at daycare yesterday, she felt this was a true expression of her distaste at my new recipe (I win some, I lose some). So it’s back to the old one (and I won’t try using oatmilk in the recipe anymore). She did eat all the other food though so I guess a pancake on the head isn’t so bad in the end. One thing I have noticed is the flatulence factor in this household is increasing. Twin2 let one rip right near dear old Dad’s face tonight. It was hilarious but boy he almost died from the smell. Might need to dial down the egg factor in the house. Or maybe it’s just payback.

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