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Everything’s Better With Chia!

June 7, 2011

Have been sneaking chia seeds and flaxmeal into the kids food and so far they haven’t complained. The kids are doing better each day as we continue on our Paleo journey. They no longer rant and rave about not having milk and are willing to accept water instead of juice at meal times. I’ve been getting up early each morning and making “paleofied pancakes” using rice flour (yes not strictly paleo but it’s a work in progress). This morning I sneaked chia and flaxmeal into the pancakes and covered the taste by putting in a mashed banana. The kids loved it, I made enough for them to take some for lunch as well. They also had watermelon, home made muesli bars, mandarines and dried banana ‘chips’. The teachers are happy with the kids progress so far and they’ve noted a real improvement in their behaviour and speech.

Hubby suggested we should make a few chia pets for the kids to grow and then harvest the sprouts to use in salads. Not a bad idea really, will have to get that organised. We’re going to be building the chicken tractor tomorrow. I can’t wait to get it going so that we can have home grown organic eggs.



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