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Mackay Marina 5k Run

June 5, 2011

Today I was woken before the crack of dawn (and it’s a mighty big crack I might venture to say) by Twin1 who just happened to decide I’d had enough sleep for one night. Stumbling out of bed to entertain him I was then informed that the 5k run would be starting in a little while and I had to get ready. No problems! Can do that. I’d packed my usual running gear with me, but felt a bit awkward running in the vibrams in a strange city, so stayed with the trusty Dunlop Volleys (all hail the Dunlop Volleys! Hooray!). When I put my gear on-which I haven’t worn for over 3 weeks due to time off running after a major operation-I couldn’t believe it. My clothes were too big. Let me repeat that. I put my running gear on and they were swimming on me. *happy dance*

I haven’t been allowed to run for 2 1/2 weeks, and really shouldn’t have been running today but you know how it is, addictions must be fed. I started off at a fairly fast pace, but kind of lost it after 3k. Hubby stayed with me until the 4k mark then he took off ahead of me. One day I’ll run him down in a race, I really will! Finished the race and they were handing out free bananas! How I love this race. Bananas as I have said are $13/kg at the moment due to a cyclone at the beginning of the year wiping out most of Australia’s crops and here they were handing them out for free! Made the whole race worthwhile.

Also met a fellow Crossfitter, and now know that Mackay has its own box! Hello Crossfit Mackay! Will have to drop in next time I’m up there.

The kids did really well sticking to the Paleo/GFCF diet while we were there, although my Sister-in-Law’s bananas disappeared overnight. It was great spending time with family, we really do need to do it more often but with the kids tantrums etc it has just been too much to contemplate. But now with our new and improved Cavekids it’s amazing. Twin2 was singing on the four hour drive home, her words were clear and precise. Twin1 started up a conversation with me asking questions. This is MEGA-wonderful. I’m so glad that I am pushing and pulling the family into this. We’re seeing improvements left and right. I’m booking in to see a Naturopath this week to have a chat about a few things. This is a big deal because having a bit of a scientific/health/medical background I’ve always mocked Naturopaths. And I apologise profusely for being such a dunce. I repent of my ways and am open to all forms of medicine right now.

Oh and for future reference, hubby has challenged me to complete the 21k run next year, so June 2012 is in the running. Better start training now!

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