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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

June 4, 2011

We’re away for the weekend and Twin1 has taken a backward turn, having the mother of all tantrums in a shopping centre over gumboots. People were staring at me, giving me all sorts of looks (you know the kind- what kind of parent is she… etc etc), and I kept walking with him back to the car. I know he was emitting a pitch that could scrape paint off cars, yes I was aware that he had snot coming out of his nose, but I assure all those who had to endure it that there was nothing wrong physically. It was pure tantrum. And no, I will not smack my kid to get him to shut up. I will ride out the storm and keep on loving him through it.

He had a few bananas today, something that we haven’t had for over four weeks (due to prices being $13/kg at the moment). I’m thinking it was way too much. I had a quick squiz around the blogosphere and found that some parents recommend Grapefruit Seed Extract to help with digestion problems. Sounds good, will have to try it when we get back.

Twin2 was wonderful all day, she’s doing so well. I’m proud of her. Her language is improving, though still limited.

Tomorrow hubby and I will run the Mackay 5km race. I’m not looking for a fast time, this will be the first run after an operation that had me out of action for a few weeks. Just completing it and feeling good is my goal.

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