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Singing Along

June 2, 2011

Twin2 is singing “On Top of Spaghetti” at the top of her voice (though not getting all the words right), something she did not do 2 weeks ago. Does this mean Paleo’s working? Well, time will tell I guess. She is calling me “mummy” now. I’ve waited 4 years to hear her call me Mum. It’s great. It truly is. We’re still slowly improving, I have no doubt that eating a sugar/preservative free diet is helping speed up the process.

I was speaking to our local butcher today and I explained my dilemma about feeding my kids gluten free and additive free foods. He said that he can create sausages and steakettes that have no artificial preservatives or gluten in them. I’m glad I spoke to him about it.

Oh and another win I had today was that my children ate all their lunch. No leaving bits behind at the bottom of their bags. They ate their morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. So happy. We’re on Week 2 of Paleo. From what I read of different peoples experiences it’s around about now that improvements occur. Here’s hoping they continue.

We planted a home no-dig garden a few weeks ago and yesterday were able to harvest our first Cos lettuce. It was crispy, fresh and worth every bite. Can’t wait until the tomatoes and corn grow up. I’ve also talked with hubby about making a portable chicken tractor and getting two chickens. Our kids loved having chickens. I think it’s time we got some more. But this time we’re making a chicken tractor that cats can’t get into.

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