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Going Shopping Paleo-Style.

June 1, 2011

First off, I must say that Paleo shopping in a modern supermarket has to be one of the hardest tasks an adult can undertake. Especially when you’re catering for 5 growing children. I shopped on the outer rim of the building. Skirting disaster by having to go down one aisle to grab eggs I quickly pushed my disabled trolley (I always pick the one with the wonky wheel) out of there quick smart. Veges at the moment are quite expensive, living Paleo should be the cheapest way to live, not one of the most expensive. I know about food subsidies and all the rest of that, but hey, come on peoples, let’s have common sense run things for awhile huh?

Speaking of which, I recently showed Food, Inc. to my students and they were horrified at the outcomes of certain countries economic and agricultural policies that have shaped our world to become so dependent on crappy foods.


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