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Ups and Downs

May 31, 2011

I tried making a potato pancake recipe this morning, that at 5.30am didn’t work. Instead I had to resort to dragging out the almond meal and arrowroot and patching together a batch of pancakes for Fusspot1+2. Then hubby had to take Fusspot 2 for a trip to the Doctors who pronounced that they might be slightly autistic. Both of them. What? Okay, not panicking here. I’ve been reading amazing things about Paleo and autism so I guess it’s going to be fine if they are, but other than speech delay which I think is slight Apraxia, they really don’t have Autistic markers that, as a teacher, I’d look out for. Maybe I’m just too close to them to see.

Talking about good news stories from Paleo, this great story about how  Danielle has overcome PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). I’ve had PCOS for several years now, was diagnosed in 2003 along with severe Endometriosis, resulting in all sorts of complications. I find it validating to know that someone else has faced what I have and made positive changes.

Another good story about Paleo type eating and healing the digestive system to reduce Autistic symptoms had me thinking that if they do have it, I can be diligent in making a better outcome than they’d be facing on a gluten saturated diet.

It’s hard as a parent facing things like this, you wonder if it was something you did or didn’t do that might or might not have affected your children in this way. I think as humans we like to have boundaries, this is what it is, this is what we’ll do about it, this is who to blame. But in reality no one can really pin point accurately that “this is what caused this”, well not yet anyway. I know that seed of guilt that mothers especially carry around can sometimes grow into monster proportions. I’m not going to let it. I’ll deal with the outcome later, right now I’m going to go watch my beautiful little angels lying peacefully asleep in their beds and thank the universe that they are mine.

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