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Blowing Up the Ice-Cream Maker

May 30, 2011

I bought an ice-cream maker and wanted to make a batch of Chocolate Coconut Ice cream (using coconut milk instead of milk) which I had read about from GrowingUpPaleo  and that was great in theory. Until the stove top was turned on and the cord to the brand new ice cream maker was lying on top of the element which then blew up the motor of our new ice cream maker. And now I’m making the ice cream by hand. Did I tell you the ice cream maker was brand new, just out of the box? Yes, yes it was. Murphy’s Law is alive and well here at my house.

Twin1 is going on a bit of a strike, he’s refusing to eat food he’s eaten for weeks now, in protest? I don’t know. I do know that the food we’ve given him is healthy, gluten free, and free of preservatives. When he’s hungry he’ll eat. He came home from daycare today quite hungry and ate all his dinner. Now he’s foraging for ‘sweet stuff’, I’ve offered him apples, pears, oranges and he’s said no to all of them so he’s not that hungry. I think he thinks he’s going to find the mother-load of sugar somewhere in our pantry or fridge. Sorry baby, it’s gone, the teens beat you to it.

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