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Tantrums + Torment

May 29, 2011

We’re having an upset day today. Twin 1 got into a yoghurt pack while I was writing, and devoured 6 yoghurts by himself before anyone found him. Within 20 minutes we had a different kid on our hands. The tantrums were off the scale. We checked the labels and sure enough good old 220 was in there along with 160b… oh how I loath them. We’ve made some home made yoghurt which has none of those ingredients and had forgotten to get rid of the offending items. Well now we have none left so I guess it’s a learning curve. We took the kids to the park this afternoon and let them run it out. The tantrums were constant, for an hour we had a 4 yr old who made the terrible twos look good.

I think we’ve proved to ourselves that some things don’t need to be in our homes, these additives are definitely one of them. So I will be making our own yoghurt from culture from now on. I know Paleo is supposed to be dairy free, and I don’t eat it myself, but I’m transitioning the kids over and would like as little fighting about it as I can. I’m finding that if I get the kids lunches ready the night before then when I get up in the morning I’m not stressed out. So tonight I’m putting sugar snap peas, apricots, dried banana pieces, boiled eggs, apples, and a home made muesli bar in there. Will see how the kids do tomorrow.

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