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Quiet in the Kitchen

May 27, 2011

Day Seven of our Paleo life. Um, how are we going you ask? Yeah I think we’re okay, so far. The kids are having trouble adjusting to the no bread/pasta thing. We have been heavily reliant on bread and so to switch off it is turning out to be a bit painful. But we will continue. We’re moving into winter here, the time of hot soups with toast weather. Offering the kids fruit, cooked veges, meat, just doesn’t seem to be as appealing to them. I’m looking for recipes to keep a hungry kid satisfied. If anyone has any please drop them in the comments section.

Had a win today at work. Many of the students I teach have asked about getting healthier and how they can improve their complexion. I mentioned the Paleo way of eating and then had to print off a copy of Whole9’s guidelines for their one month kick start your health program. I did this back in August last year. I had just come from my doctors visit and found out I was borderline diabetic, and my cholesterol was high (so much so that the doctor wanted to put me on medication for the rest of my life with it). I took up Whole9’s challenge to live clean for one month. I followed it for 6 weeks and then had my bloods retested. The doctor could not believe the change. My blood sugar level was better than perfect, my cholesterol was low, and my iron was back to normal. Who would have believed that just 6 weeks could change someone’s life? I can, because it happened to me. Oh and in that 6 weeks I lost nearly 7 kg (15.4lb).  Then I discovered Crossfit and have never looked back.

The hardest thing I found while on the Whole30 challenge was trying to circumvent the sugar cravings that hit around 3pm. But when I upped the anty on the fat content of my meals I ate less and was satiated for longer. It was wonderful. I could go 4 -5 hours without feeling hungry and I had energy at the end of the day. How many mothers of 5 kids can say that?

And now we’re looking at ways to get the kids to try new vegetables. I’ve tried face shaped meals, tried getting the kids to help make the meals as well. We sometimes get it right, others are a battle. I shall never retreat, never surrender! Although I will be whinged at for the next little while it seems.

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