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Paleofying Our Family

May 24, 2011

This is the start of our one year journey to Paleofy our family. What’s Paleo you may ask? At present there is a persuasive movement of high thinking people towards a more natural, primal way of eating. After numerous little pushes and hints hubby’s agreed to go on this journey with me, and will lend a hand dragging our children along for the ride.

Weekly updates will hopefully include recipes, photos of our food, and any changes in our health. I stumbled across the Paleo Diet last year and was fascinated by peoples transitions in body weight, health stats and overall well being after following a Paleo/Primal way of eating. There are dozens of really great websites already up and running, our aim is not to compete with them but to share a families journey of trying (hopefully successfully) to change our lives through diet and exercise.

Robb Wolf’s website is one I daily haunt, reading through countless articles. Another great read is Mark’s Daily Apple.

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