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Tooth Decay and Gluten Free Foods

August 29, 2012

I took my children for their yearly dental checkup and was absolutely horrified at the result. My littlies all had tooth decay and are in need of fillings. The dentist gave me the stern ‘you need to take better care of their teeth’ talking to. When I discussed with her our eating plan, how we don’t have juices (unless freshly squeezed), we only drink water or almond milk. We don’t have wheat, dairy, or junk food. We couldn’t work out why they would have such decay.

Then it clicked. We’ve been using gluten free products.

They’re actually loaded with sugar.

You think you’re doing the right thing by your child, getting them gluten free breads/cupcake mixes etc as a treat, and they’re basically sugar.

I feel like such a bad parent. And the worst thing was the decay is in a part of their teeth that just with my brushing skills I can’t really see, especially with the twins who want to brush their own teeth and get upset if I try to help them.

So it’s back to the drawing board.

Needless to say the Gluten-Free stuff is in the bin.

Does this ever get any easier?


Quackery? Using the body to heal itself.

August 26, 2012

We have spent the last few weeks starting a new approach to getting healthy. I took the twins to a Bowen Therapist. Now I’ve always been the biggest skeptic of these sorts of things,  however I gave it a shot.

Bowen uses soft tissue/fascial release to stimulate specific receptors to restore homeostasic balance. See Bowen Therapy for more info.

After the initial setting where the Thearpist realigned the kids spine/posture, they were calmer, had a greater ability to concentrate, and best of all, slept through the night. For the first time in nearly 6 years we are having at least 8hour sleeps through the night. It’s amazing. I’d forgotten what real sleep feels like.

We’ve since done a second session and the kids are doing even better. Their speech is increasing, they’re more settled during the day/night, and they’re now starting to engage us in conversation whereas before they were only echolalia-ing the things were tried to say to them.

Even their teachers have noticed a difference.

I’m keen to see what else we can achieve through this.

As for the paleo eating, well we’re having ups and downs. It’s not as easy as it seems, and workload/time management is getting on top of us. We’re struggling. I guess all families go through this.


August 3, 2012

Yesterday I tried, somewhat unsucessfully, to take my children to get fitted for new shoes. For their school they must wear black leather shoes with velcro laces, which are quite hard to find, but we endeavoured to do our best. I took them to the shop I had bought the first pair of shoes earlier this year (by the way little children’s feet grow so fast, and when there’s two in the same size, growing at the same rate, well you know the drill, double the expenditure).

My kids had had enough by this stage and were in the ‘ratty, we want something to eat, drink, go to the toilet” stage of the afternoon. Now I know they could have been better behaved, I have now doubt about that, but when the shop assistant came up to me and said “I have kids too, if you want to smack them I won’t say anything”.

I was gobsmacked.

A total stranger was telling me I had to smack my children to get them to sit still in her shop.

I politely thanked her for her time, and then left the shop.

I don’t know what I was more upset about, the fact that this woman judged my children as needing a smack or the fact that she thought it her right to tell me how to parent.

Needless to say we did eventually find shoes for the kids at less than a third of the price I would have paid in the original shop. Go figure.

I’m sure the shop assistant thought she was doing the right thing, but really? Telling a woman to smack her kids because they wouldn’t sit on a seat while shoes were picked out. They were in fact dancing in front of her mirrors and laughing/giggling at the silly faces they were pulling. Sheesh lady chill out a little.

As for the kids and Paleo, we’re still plugging away. I’ve been looking into vitamin D supplementation, which foods are the best sources etc etc. Apparently there is a very finite window of opportunity to help the children’s brain function to go back to what the world classes as ‘normal’. After 6yrs of age the ‘experts’ say it’s limited success at best. Thanks experts. Let’s see what we can do to change that stat.

Back on The Spectrum

August 1, 2012

And now it is officially official. The twins are on the Autism Spectrum.

What do we do?

Well we keep to our guns and stick to Paleo. We keep up the supplements such as magnesium, GABA, vitamin C/B, and omega 3.

We are swimming, doing gymnastics once a week, and learning to play the drums.

What else can we do?

I don’t know. I’m researching, looking for ways to ensure their educational future is the best it can possibly be, and that their ability to concentrate and achieve their best can improve.

Some days you just blame yourself. You wonder what it was that triggered this. I read today that low thyroid levels have possibly added to it. Thanks for that, there’s one bit of stress added. Then another says its environmental. Well we’re doing everything we can to eliminate that as a factor. Then another says it’s purely random… Who knows?


Sausages in Tomato and Onion Sauce

July 31, 2012

Okay this is one of the families favourites for a cold winters night, Sausages in Tomato and Onion Sauce.

We have it with sweet potato mash and are very lucky to have a fabulous butcher who makes gluten free sausages for us using grass fed beef.

We cook up the sausages, then cut them into pieces, add to the frypan with one whole onion diced and two cans of diced tomatoes. We also add a teaspoon of garlic, a pinch of mixed herbs, two tablespoons of gluten free soy sauce. Then cook until the onions are soft.

There is never any leftovers. no matter how many sausages we cook, the kids inhale this dish.

Slow Roasted Pork with Sweet Potato

July 29, 2012

Oh goodness, I forgot to take a photo of this amazing dinner. It was soo mouth wateringly good. Everyone fought over the last dregs in the serving dish. And have I mentioned the crackling? Yeah, snap-crackling good.

Hubby put a pork roast into the oven that he covered in garlic, sea salt and grapeseed oil. Set the crackling at 240 C for 30 mins, then drop the heat down to 180C for 3 hours. I swear I could lick the cooking dish, I don’t think we cooked enough. Delicious!

After two hours cooking he added sweet potato and full onions to the roast and these soaked up the juices. I’m salivating now just remembering the taste of the crackled sweet potato. You’ve got to try this at home, you’ll thank me, you will really thank me. On a cold winters night, nothing better than a good roast, fantastic company (my little family) and the snap of crackling.

Go forth and crackle peoples.

Damn Foxes

July 28, 2012

My beloved chickens were killed by a fox. The cage was torn open, bits of chicken everywhere, the gates etc to the yard were closed so the neighbours dog didn’t get in. Bugger.

My chickens would roam the streets during the day, visiting the neighbours yards in search of bugs, they took on the pack of crows that frequent our neighbourhood (and won), they would come running whenever you called them. And the kids loved having them to pet and also to collect the eggs. And their eggs were amazing, bright yellow yolks and they tasted so much better than even free range eggs from the shops.

Damn foxes.

My son dried his tears, looked up at me and said matter-of-factly “well now we can get the dog I’ve always wanted”… ah yeah so not happening son.